Top Tips for Raising Happy Children

Top Tips for Raising Happy Children

This is an article shared by Matt Barnes , lovingfather of two toddlers, who enjoys the dynamics of child rearing and the challenges it brings!

These are my top three tips for dealing with a mis-behaving and difficult child. By using these tips, you will eliminate the frustration and many challenges a mis-behaving child presents us with. And both your nerves and your child will be a lot happier, too!

~Your Childs Diet will have a significant impact on their behavioral patterns!

Sugar can transform a child. It can turn the happy go lucky, even tempered and obedient child into a troubled, whining, and irritable nightmare. Many parents, although they know that sugar has a negative impact on their childs behavior, continue to feed this outcome by allowing their children to drink undiluted juices full of sugar, and give into their demands to eat snacks such as cookies, candy, and other sweets.

Research points out that children with a poor diets are more likely to become tempermental and non social. Research from the University of Southern California found a lack of zinc, iron, vitamin B and protein in the first three years is a precursure to bad behavior later on.

~Exercise is another key to a healthy and happy child!

Children have endless amounts of energy that will result in restlessness when harnessed. They are more coordinated than the average adult; they want to climb, jump, and run whenever possible.

They just love being active and adventurous! Aerobic exercise, is a key intregal part of healthy child development. The California Department of Education found that those children who are regularly exposed to aerobic exercise, have higher test scores in school than those who do not participate in aerobic exercise consistantly.

“Charles Hillman of the University of Illinois also related aerobic capacity to better attention, working memory and processing speed. This is because aerobic exercises improve the delivery of oxygen in the body, including the brain, which helps it function better.”

~If you want your child to be happy and well behaved you need to treat them with love and respect.

Your child is in tune to whatever is going on around them. What your child see’s and how your child gets treated, they will duplicate this behavior. If your frustrations are heaped on your child and you do not treat them with love and respect it will come back to you in the form of misbehavior.

Children are like a sponge, they absorb everything around them rapidly. What they see and hear on a daily basis is what will be duplicated by our children. So if you want your children to be kind, we need to be kind to others. If we want our children to listen and be respectful we need to listen and be respectful ourselves. Lead by example don’t tell them to act a certian way and you do the opposite. Don’t wait until your childs behavior gets progressively worse take action today. Lead the right way!

Of course, utilizing and putting into action these three tips are just the beginning to Great Behavior in a Mis-Behaving Child and a better relationship with your child!

In summary:

~Keep as much sugar products out of your child’s diet as much as possible.

~Make sure they are active, and get to excercise regularly.

~Your child wants to be loved and respected just like you.

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