Positive Parenting

positive parenting

Positive Parenting online education for positive discipline know-how and parenting peace. You’ll hardly be able to remember the last time you yelled.

Parenting is a big job—and that’s why we’re here to help. Whether you’re facing the terrible twos or the trying teens, our online course will help you replace nagging, reminding and yelling with Tool Box solutions that work every time. Start right away for free with 14-day access to Session 1 of our 6-session course.

Parenting expert, Amy McCready will take you step-by-step through the online learning process to uncover: The surprising truth about what your kids’ misbehavior is trying to tell you. Why some of the most popular parenting strategies are fundamentally flawed and what you can do instead.

Our most powerful Tool Box solution. No need to nag or yell…your kids will become more cooperative right before your eyes.


Top 11 Super Foods for Happy Kids and You

I was reading about the importance of balanced meals made with fresh foods for happy and healthy children( it applies to adults too!). We need to lessen/eliminate artificial /sweet/ packaged food, it’s not suprising to see how a child can become a demon just from something like red food coloring in a food. A Special […]

Top Tips for Raising Happy Children

This is an article shared by Matt Barnes , lovingfather of two toddlers, who enjoys the dynamics of child rearing and the challenges it brings! These are my top three tips for dealing with a mis-behaving and difficult child. By using these tips, you will eliminate the frustration and many challenges a mis-behaving child presents […]

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