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Where is the SuperStar Reward Chart from?

Like a lot of parents today I’m always struggling to find spare time, and to find effective ways to discipline my Now 6 years old daughter and 8 year old son.

The reward chart has a double purpose – firstly its about rewarding and recognising our children for appropriate behavior and secondly it’s about the experience and joy of having well behaved children. The chart becomes a very important part of everyday life.

I bought our first reward chart with sheets of cards, glue and stickers. I also searched the web, visited bookshops, and found a few different versions of charts which all work in someway but were not the “simple and practical” that I wanted the reward reward chart to be.

I realised that I could go on searching for what I wanted or I could just make my own and test it out! I admit it does help if you are a graphic artist. I went on to discover the Superstar Chart and all the tips which go behind using it effectively and for rapid and persistent behavior change.

While I was busy designing I met Sam who holds master Degree of early childhood temperament and operates her own child psychology practice. She was also using reward charts and had all the research and theory to back it up.

The biggest contribution to the Superstar Chart came from all the families who tested it. Lots of suggestions, improvements and enhancements turned it into something which was exciting and fun for children and highly effective for parents.

After much research and testing a very simple easy to use yet very effective reward chart was developed and it excites both children and parents.

Magic happens. There were almost instant changes in Ben and Rach ‘s’ everyday behavior. I will never forget the enthusiasm in their eyes, the effort they put in to earn a simple star, their resolve to be better next time when they missed out on a star.

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