Kids Reward Chart

If you want a more in control, happy world and polite helpful children…

Kids Reward Chart

If you want a more in control, happy world and polite helpful children…

Well Behaved Kids – Guaranteed!

Tired of arguing with your kids?

Fed up with the nagging & wining?

Want your kids to behave better?

Want happier and more peaceful relationships in the home?

Want a strategy to overcome the negatives and to highlight the positives?

Perhaps you’ve come to this page because your job as a parent is sometimes overwhelming.

Here’s an amazing parenting tool to transform your child’s behavior, literally overnight.

Transform your Child’s Behavior with a CUSTOMIZED Superstar Weekly Reward Chart

Truth behind Chart 1

Children love to please and be praised & reward charts encourage and motivate. Put the two together and the result is much better behavior.

Truth behind Chart 2

Kids like to feel like they are helping and grown up, so let them have their own “Things to Do” instead of you telling them what to do!! A sense of self worth works miracles.

Truth behind Chart 3

Most parents easily fall into the negative cycle of nagging and criticizing or physical punishment when things go out of control.


Experience the Thrill of “Well Behaved Kids”

It is a really positive and simple way for the whole family to tackle behavior problems and even more such as:

  • Daily Activities:Helping around the house, Picking up toys, eating vegetables, eating meals, washing hands, getting dressed, teeth brushing, sleeping whole night in own bed, going to bed on time, getting ready for school, getting ready for bed etc.
  • Developmental Stages: Sleeping through the night, learning to ride a bike, or to swim, toilet training etc.
  • Educational Achievements:Getting good grades, music practice, reading, writing, telling the time, learning times tables etc.
  • Encouraging Good behavior:Good manners, sharing with siblings or friends, staying at the table, respecting adults, doing as asked the first time etc.
  • Getting Rid of Problem behavior:Hitting, kicking, whining and screaming, Using words instead of aggression, telling tales, thumb sucking, refusing to do chores, swearing, biting nails etc


What’s In It For Me?

  • Being a happy parent
  • Staying cool and relaxed – no more yelling or nagging
  • Healthy and positive bonds with your children
  • A parental strategy which helps you to take control
  • The satisfaction of watching children working toward positive goals
  • The opportunity to praise and encourage in a meaningful way
  • The flexibility to adapt the technique to suit almost any occasion

What’s In It For My Children?

  • Being happier and more confident
  • Having a desire to improve behavior
  • Pride in their achievements
  • An understanding of the importance of delayed gratification
  • Well developed social skills
  • Values such as being prepared to work for what they want
  • Works extremely well for kids of all ages

A More in Control, Happy World & Polite, Helpful Children

Want a more in control, happy world and polite helpful children? It has worked for lots of families, and it will work for you! Families who use the chart report dramatic changes.

Homework gets done, clothes get picked up, sibling rivalry issues (arguing and fighting) have stopped.

– Annie

The reward charts  from you are fantastic. My friends have all commented on them and what a great idea they are…so well done!. These reward charts have been a god send to my family & my kids really love them. Thank you.

– Wendy

I didn’t think it was possible for my son to enjoy doing little jobs as he had always been the one to object and I used to have to keep reminding him to get things finished. Now use this for loads of different things, such as clearing away toys, keeping room tidy, and cleaning up a bit after lunch and dinner. Has been a great benefit and made tasks fun. The reward aspect is so much fun for my son.

– Anna

We tried the reward chart when our son was 3. We were having problems with getting him to bed without causing a big fuss. After explaining the benefits of this chart to him it soon changed his bedtime routine, and in no time we had him going to bed without a fuss. His rewards were things like going to the park, a new book and sometimes a new DVD.

– Kylie


Have Rewarding & Fulfilling Parenting Experience

You can set up different tasks, daily rewards and weekly rewards for each child, and customize the chart easily.

You can change/update tasks and rewards at anytime.A unique parenting tool to reinforce positive behavior and help your child form good daily habit.

Fresh up the chart at the end of the week ; Set up individual charts for up to 5 boys and 5 girls;You can also print out the customized chart for multi purposes

Simple Steps Which Work Magic:

Step 1

Work out the problem and define good behaviors or tasks. Involve your children with the selection of daily rewards and weekly rewards – it gives them a sense of ownership Getting good grades, music practice, reading, writing, telling the time, learning times tables etc.

Step 2

Set out the house rules and stick to them.Educational Achievements

Step 3

Everyday open the chart and drag/ drop a star as a reward for appropriate behavior and at the same time heaps of verbal praise on your child for their positive actions.

Step 4

Break things down and offer small rewards on a daily basis and then a larger reward on a weekly basis depending on how many stars have been earned.

Step 5

When the children reach their star goals hand over their rewards daily and weekly.

Use The SuperStar Weekly Reward Chart is Easy!

  • Personalize the chart by your child name
  • Set up different tasks, daily rewards and weekly rewards for each child
  • Change/update tasks and rewards at anytime by clicking the “Save” button.
  • To reinforce positive behavior simply open the chart every day, drag and drop the stars onto the chart and save it daily.
  • Once you’ve finished with the chart at the end of the week, click ” New Week” this will clear the stars and ready for the next week.
  • You can have individual charts for up to 5 boys and 5 girls.
  • You can also print the chart and get it laminated so that you can just wipe it clean every week. You then can hang it on the fridge or wall to help remind your children of the chores and daily/weekly rewards.

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